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The most comprehensive collection of small ship and expedition cruising worldwide. With over 1,000 small ship cruises available, we are sure to find your perfect small ship cruise."


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Welcome to our exclusive collection of 2017 small ship and expedition cruises.

Step aboard for an adventure like no other, be it luxury or adventure and be assured that we have the voyage for you. The journey is integral to the experience of a destination. Aboard a one of our voyages you are always in great hands, with expert staff on board who share their enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge.

Our partners offer the most comprehensive collection of small ship and expedition cruising worldwide. They've been intimately involved with this style of cruising for nearly three decades, and the range of itineraries, options and ships continues to evolve rapidly. They've also spent years aboard many of these ships leading voyages, operating and designing itineraries and have developed an intimate knowledge of the ships, their capabilities and the destinations to which they travel.

Our extensive experience and passion for this style of travel ensures you the opportunity to speak with an expert. The team is always available to discuss itinerary and ship selections, cabin options and other details you require to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

The voyages hand picked for inclusion in this brochure are our best of the best, the most exciting and interesting voyages. Some are classic voyages, while others offer the first opportunity to visit new, undiscovered destinations. If your dream cruise is not in this brochure then contact us and we will find it for you!

Simon Mustoe, Wildiaries founder

Travel, call +61 (0)3 9014 9687

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